Saltwater Rods

Telescopic Surf Rods

Fish anywhere, anytime with these great compact fishing rods that allow precision fishing with minimum storage space.  Perfect for taking camping, hiking, or anywhere there's a chance of finding a little fishing spot... Essential equipment for the truly addicted fisherman!!

Code Description  

Surf Rod, 12' Telescopic surf rod, 4 sections, Carbon Graphite 


Surfmaster Pacific 2 Piece Rods

Code Description
SS240 Surfmaster Pacific 2 Piece 2.40m (8ft) Cast Rod, cast weight 25-80g
SS270 Surfmaster Pacific 2 Piece 2.70m (9ft) Cast Rod, cast weight 25-80g
SS300 Surfmaster Pacific 2 Piece 3.00m (10ft) Cast Rod, cast weight 25-80g


D.A.M Steelpower Red 2 Piece Boat Rod

During the past few year D.A.M's Steelpower sea fishing rod series have become a well known name to many sea anglers. The Steelpower light boat rod has improved on an already excellent design. The Steelpower Red light boat rods have achieved a new level by using a new kind of "Power Tip" made of special modulus solid material which is directly connected to the carbon blank. This results in a higher sensibility as well as stability which altogether upgrades the complete functionality of this rod to a completely new level.

Order Code Description Length Line Weight
D2325 020 D.A.M Steelpower Red Light Power Tip Boat Rod 1.80m 20lb
D2325 030 D.A.M Steelpower Red Light Power Tip Boat Rod 1.80m 30lb
D2325 050 D.A.M Steelpower Red Light Power Tip Boat Rod 1.80m 50lb


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